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Making a difference

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Elite Sports and Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization started by Shane and Jennifer Emineth in 2018. Through the years our kids have participated in numerous sports with many organizations. The cost of sports and the equipment needed to participate has gone up significantly. We have witnessed how these costs have inhibited low income kids from participating,  or they were afforded the cost but show up to practice in shoes that were too small or other insufficient gear or attire. ESEF believes that sports are vital to the growth and development of our children. Aside from the health benefits from physical activity; sports help build self-esteem, teach leadership skills and teamwork. These skills help them develop stronger relationships, better communication skills and respect for others. Our son has developed a very close relationship with his trainer who is also his mentor. He talks with his coach about family, school and girlfriends, things that kids don't like discussing with their parents. We are extremely grateful that he has an adult, outside of his parents, that he can depend on. As a whole; we believe that sports help to better prepare our youth for a successful future.

Our Mission


Our goal at ESEF is to provide an equal opportunity for all the youth in our community to participate in sports. We would like to supply kids with the proper equipment and uniforms necessary to compete and we also place strong emphasis on safety. Sports such as football, baseball, softball and lacrosse all require proper safety equipment to protect athletes from injury. There has been significant development in safety equipment the last few years. It is so important that kids not only have the right equipment but that it fits properly. A helmet that is too big, does very little in the prevention of brain injuries. In addition, we see an importance in educating these youth on nutrition and self-care. We would like to set up speakers to talk with kids on taking care of their bodies and how it can reduce injury and illness, as well as help them grow strong and healthy.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to help shape the future of less fortunate children by providing them with an equal opportunity to get involved in athletics within our community

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